1967-68 Shelby GT-500: When Shelby’s ‘stangs Moved From Race Grid To Cruise Strip

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Let’s face it, some like their performance cars raw, some like them with a healthy dose of seasonings and side dishes. And sometimes a machine’s recipe evolves from one style to the other.

That was certainly the case with one of ex-racer Carroll Shelby’s most famous cars. For 1965, he began production of hopped-up Mustangs at his shop in California. For those first couple years, his ‘Stangs, called GT-350s, were barely-disguised competition tools.

With a road-racing suspension setup, high-strung small-block V8, and lack of a backseat on which to haul buddies, those original GT-350s weren’t a popular pick with the burger-joint crowd. And that was fine with Ford, at least at first — Shelby’s cooperation on the Mustang was initially sought to give competition credibility to Ford’s pioneering ponycar, which GT-350s did handily by winning sports-car races.

But starting with the ’67 model year, Ford began expecting Shelby’s machines to speak to a more mainstream performance crowd — the typical muscle-car buyer.


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