Getting Involved with Auto Racing Organizations

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You’ve been a big fan of auto racing for years and your enthusiasm hasn’t waned down at all. If anything, the more you watch races around the world and rally for your favourite drivers and teams, the more interested and excited you are about the sport.

The only problem is, it can get pretty lonely, being a auto racing fan all by your lonesome. You desperately want to meet people who share the same interest. It would be even better to meet people who actually participate in the sport, whether in the professional or amateur tracks, as you yourself have plans of trying your luck on the tracks. You could really use the help of some experts on how to improve and trick out your ride.

Not to worry, because if you read on, you’ll find a list of auto racing organizations that you will probably want to join.

Auto Racing Club of America

Formerly known as the Midwest Association for Race Cars, the ARCA was founded by John Marcum in 1953 and is currently an auto racing sanctioning body in the United States. Its competitors include professional racers, hobby racers, and some young drivers that are trying to make a name for themselves in the sport.

National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing

The NASCAR is the largest and one of the most popular sanctioning bodies for motorsports in North America. The NEXTEL Cup, the Busch Series, and the Craftsman Truck Series are three of the largest racing series that NASCAR sanctions. Its races are broadcast in over a hundred countries and is only second to the National Football


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